Used on special rides of the President and the Prime Minister

The latest helicopter to be deployed during a bus ride of President, Prime Minister and most important people has been brought to Kathmandu on Thursday (yesterday).

The plane was flown to Tribhuvan Airport at around 4:00 pm on Thursday after flying around the country for about five hours. The helicopter purchased for VVIP’s Special Vehicle Purpose will be operated by the Nepalese Army.

The new helicopter, which is worth about 1 million euros, about one and a half billion Nepalese rupees, was dropped two hours ago. A new helicopter with vibration and soundproof facilities has been brought to Nepal for the first time, said Nepali Army spokesman Vijayanadev Pandey.

The helicopter is said to have been made in Italy and has the most advanced seat. The helicopter is currently being held at Tribhuvan Airport, Army Air Force-11, Pandey said.

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