14-year-old Buddha Tamang is such a herb!

For the last couple of months, Buddha was reading, playing, and rejoicing like any other child. The life of such a good Buddha was made hell by an event that took place in May. According to the Buddha family, who was admitted to the hospital after the bicycle accident, he got into this situation due to wrong treatment of doctors. The 5 kg Buddha is only 5 kg now.

Buddha’s mother abandoned him at an early age and settled down at home. The father himself is ill. Phupu Sabina has given Buddha her mother’s love and care. The only son of the family, Buddha, from the hospital, Fupu, I was about to leave the world. Our great honor to Phupu Sabina, who provided the mother’s love and care for the Buddha. Jas who treated her nephew even after borrowing over Rs 1 lakh.

As we were about to visit and help Buddha’s tragic video in other media, Nanakala Gurung and friends from Qatar, along with Bishnu Bohara and friends from Abu Dhabi, and Laxmidevi Gurung sisters from Hong Kong sent a sum of Rs. When we got there with the same amount of support… Buddha was saying, All Nepalese help me I want to live.

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