Baby with no forehead like Alien found in Pokhara,

Sukmaya Pariyar of Palpa has been wandering the streets and temples of Pokhara for the past three months. Sukmaya, who had received Ganesh Pariyar as his youngest child just six months ago, is now in a state of shock for lack of treatment. Ganesh is not an ordinary child. Sukamaya, carrying a baby weighing about two and a half kilograms by birth of nine hundred grams at birth and now by 6 months, is asking for help.

Ganesh’s face is different from that of any other child. Even those who see and meet are like aliens, and some say that God has given birth to a child without a forehead. Those who see the road give some money, but it is ok to live and eat in the pool. According to the physical appearance of the child, they should be checked in the hospital every month, but they do not have to pay for the hospital. Doctors advised to go to Kathmandu for a pneumonia attack on lungs but Sukamaya says no money how to go?

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