The dog pinched the rabies

Comics should be the name most commonly heard by the television series. Dobbat, who has been writing in Harendra Khatri’s writing direction, has always been delivering messages to the society with entertainment every week. Director Harendra Khatri, who has the ability to imitate his own original story and his way of expressing himself in a jubilant manner, offers simple ways to convey the message to society and to digest the society. Successful way of living in the hearts of millions has brought the glorious two hundred and thirty seven.

The first successful serial made outside Kathmandu has made Nepal the first history in Nepal. Social activist and media activist Sameer Subedi started appearing in the role of Chibi elderly and Aindra Limbu in the role of Kopa elderly, but still interesting, the two directors are Harendra Khatri, Laxana Rai, Sameer Subedi, Indra Limbu, Pradeep Kamlana, Manoj Kalpana Acharya, Lakshmi Naloz, Purnakala Rai, Bishnu Bhattarai, Nisha Ghimire, etc. can be seen acting. A dog message has been made this afternoon. Dogs are not slaughtered and efforts have been made to give information about the importance of dogs to human life

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