Engineer Gyanendra Shahi was hit with a knife

Gyanendra Shahi, the engineer of the Nepali Expedition for Nepal, has been badly beaten. It is not clear who has done the KU grip on Gyanendra Shahi while sitting at the Hotel Global Hotel in Chitwan. Shahi has been taken to Kathmandu for treatment. Police have arrested six men who were stabbed. The program, which is said to be done in Chitwan, went to rest at the hotel after the police stopped the program by showing the security reasons.

When the program was going to start in Chitwan, the police did not allow the program for security reasons. While the group of Gyanendra Shahi was about to start the program, the police program was stopped when other groups started shouting slogans at the Gyanendra Shahi VI. The flag, including the participant’s mic, was dropped after the JH-DOP situation became unmanageable. Security was tightened around the corner. Watch the video

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