A young lady like Gyanendra

The booklet of the plaintiff and the defendant’s witness has begun in the suicide suicide case of Chitwan / journalist Shalikaram Pudasaini. Chitwan District Court is taking the booklet with both the plaintiff and the defendant’s witness. After the incident, along with the accused Ravi Lamichhane, Yuvraj Kandel and Ruku Karki witnesses Asmita, the court said that the booklet will be filed with the physician and laboratory technician involved in the autopsy.

According to Prakash Thapa, information officer of the district government lawyer’s office, a booklet has been filed in the court of Judge Hemant Rawal for the letter of six witnesses has been sent to court till now. According to the Code of Criminal Procedure, there is a legal provision for imprisonment of up to five years and fine up to Rs. The body was found while hanging a pudasaini at Kangaroo Hotel in Narayangadh on July 3. They were arrested by the police on the charge of dying in a video of his death on his mobile phone.

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