During a whirlwind season or rainy season,

Lightning is a type of electric current falling from the sky during bad weather. During a whirlwind season or rainy season, high-voltage electric waves with loud noises erupt when a strong wind hits each other in the atmosphere, creating a special path called the lightning. It’s a sudden electric explosion.

It emits lightning from cloud to cloud and from there to earth. This is a completely natural hazard. Generally the sound of lightning can not be heard more than 2 km away. As an exception there is a record of up to 5 kilometers.

Lightning is called “lightning”. All the lightning produces an electric wave. So all lightning is dangerous. It cannot be predicted. It can extend up to 3 km from the rains. Therefore, the risk of damage can be reduced by adopting and preparing for the lightning.

The temperature of the sun increases the temperature of the earth’s surface. The temperature of the reservoir, such as lakes, ponds, rivers, oceans and oceans, causes the particles of water to rise above the surface. In this way, the particles of water that pass through the evaporation method take the form of clouds.

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