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Knitting. Nepal has to resolve the borders of India diplomatically, said the concerned. Saying that India will continue to cope with years-old wounds in the name of border, the Nepalese government believes that this problem should be solved permanently by taking diplomatic initiatives without dosing.

Speakers at an interview program organized by Reporters Club Nepal Province-1 on Thursday pointed out that the Government of Nepal should take a meaningful initiative to resolve the dispute.

On the occasion, Border and CPN (UCPN-Maoist) leader Sadh Bahadur Bhandari claimed that the problem was caused by the Nepalese leaders signing a bilateral agreement with India and signing it wherever it was found.

He urged the Government of Nepal to discard the new map by negotiating with the Indian leadership, eyeing the need for a lot of homework during the deal.

He is likely to sell the staffing system, which will cause problems, need courage and a strong leader during the agreement. ‘

Bhandari says, “There is ample evidence that the border is broken, but the government is not oriented in that direction.” He said the government should change if the two-thirds government cannot solve the problem. Professor and senior advocate Dil Shahani said the government was diplomatic.

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