The elderly abroad in the old socks

The outgoing Speaker, Krishna Bahadur Mahara, probably never imagined that his relationship with Roshni Shahi, who had been known for years, would lead to such an accident. Maha, who created the image of a disciplined and moral leader in the erstwhile CPN (Maoist), caused a massive earthquake on October 3 due to a messy relationship with the lights for almost a decade and a half.

As a result, the loss of the honorable Speaker of the Maharana resulted in the disappearance of Roshni’s six-year marriage. In this episode, a series of tremors will continue to shake the rest of the life of both the seal and the light. Although the ‘rape attempt’ is seen as a final recap of the incident, it is important to understand and analyze it as an accident that has led to extramarital affairs.

For the last time extramarital affairs have been burning in the Nepali society like a chaff of fire. Thousands of families connected with the country’s political, administrative and foreign employment have been disbanded for this reason. Some of them have had a bad personal life. Mehra, who became the first high-ranking Nepali to be arrested for sexual misconduct, also has a political termination. What changes the life of the lights on social and family exclusion probably depends on the action at the palace.

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