The tiger ate the baby in his body

After decades of criticism, Ashiq Baniya, who went out to play ping with his friends, did not return home. Bhanu Municipality ward no. Four-year-old Aashiq was attacked and killed by a leopard. Ashiq’s father was in Qatar. He was called to the home after he fell into a courtroom and got home fast. Ashiq’s father said that the next day the tiger ate, it was said that he was lying and called me from abroad.

Only five children have died in a leopard attack in Vanu in just one year. Bhanu Municipality does not know how many leopards are in the forest spread over a large area. According to Prem Lama, chairman of ward no. 8, the number of leopards is more than five. He expressed concern over how the leopard is now eating people. He claimed that the leopard attacked the village as there were no other animals in the forest. Watch this in-depth video

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