‘Menstrual cups’ are better than sanitary pads for women

Many do not know what a menstrual cup is. So we’re going to give you some brief information about this. In our society, menstruation is still very narrow. In urban areas, positive thinking that it is a normal physical process is expanding, but in the village it is still called ‘sin’. There are reports of women missing in the camp. We have been using sanitary pads to make menstrual clean. Nowadays tampons are also appearing in the market. Tampon is a tool made of cotton shaped elastic, which is placed inside the woman’s inner body during menstruation. It sucks blood. Although it is widely practiced abroad, we are not as accessible as pad.

One such alternative is the menstrual cup, the menstrual cup. It is a small cup made of silicone, which is used to penetrate a woman’s secret organ. This cup sticks to the wall of the woman’s secret organ below the uterus and does not allow blood to flow. Blood accumulates in the cup. It is best to use it frequently after washing.

The menstrual cup is beneficial both health and financially. The life span of a cup is five to ten years. ”The benefits of menstrual cups are being discussed around the world. Comfortable to wear and no blood clotting has worked well for anyone.

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