The brave, who was injured in the battle

A complaint was lodged at the District Police Office, Rolpa, on September 24. The complaint was – ‘I got violence from my wife, get justice.’ The woman cell, which was just looking at the complaint of women and children, was stunned. Whether to register a complaint or not? File a complaint, not women and children. Do not register complaint of victim of sexual violence. Finally, the cell filed the complaint. According to the complaint, both sides negotiated a withdrawal. As the discussion went deeper, it was concluded that the wife had misused the money sent by Bhan Bahadur from abroad and had relations with the men. The complaint was sent to the District Court after the women and children cell of the District Police Office failed to do so.

This is only a representative incident of sexual violence in Rolpa. Although sexual violence is commonly portrayed as male violence against women, this belief has reversed in recent days. Most of the complaints of sexual violence occurring here have been attributed to male violence. “After the family dispute, the women arrive at the District Police Office for justice. As the investigation of the incident, they are the only female victims,” ​​said Mina Vick, cell in charge of Rolpa’s women and children. After a family dispute, the woman comes to the police. Understandably, there have been many cases of women being victimized. “

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