Mr. Husband sweating abroad, having fun with his wife

Dreaming of his and his family’s future, the youths of the foreign country have come to the police office to find a wife after coming home. Most of the husband’s wife, who lives in a foreign country, is seen in the area police office Itahari. Out of which, 894 complaints were filed against married women. The area police said it was married to another man, rather than missing, Itahari says.

Sai Krishna Kumari Adhikari of Itahari Mahila Cell of the Area Police Office said that there was more information about her disappearance when her husband was out of the house during employment. Most of the youths returning from abroad have come to complain saying their wife is missing. But we found that most of the married women were married to another during the search operation, ”she said. Watch the video

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