Imperial Anti-Corruption Engineer Shahi

The ruling Communist Party of Nepal (CPN) has adopted a strategy to address dissatisfaction with various tactics. The CPN-Maoist has recently attacked civil engineer Gyanendra Shahi, who has taken a policy of not leaving anyone who opposes the government. The government tried to suppress the voice of the opponent by not letting him try to program in Bharatpur of Chitwan.

Shahi, an anti-corruption engineer who was trying to carry out an anti-corruption program, was attacked by CPN-M students on Saturday afternoon. Shahi’s body has been injured by the attack. Shahi, who had attended the ‘Nepalese for Nepal’ program organized at Chowkisothi in Bharatpur, had spread the program saying that the CPN-affiliated students should not allow the Rajaist to do the program. There had been tensions for some time.

Nepali Congress Chitwan leader Dinesh Koirala said that though he disagreed with Gyanendra Shahi ideologically, it was condemnable to make a deadly aggression to suppress his voice. Are.

The attack has once again exposed the CPN. There have been several attempts to attack the royal since last August. On the evening of the day, Minister of Culture Tourism and Civil Aviation Yogesh Bhattarai spoke for an hour on the ship of Buddha Air coming from Nepalgunj to Kathmandu.

When he returned from the program, he was angry for about an hour when the passengers were angry. Due to delay by Minister Bhattarai, passengers who did not come to Kathmandu had taken classes on board of Minister Bhattarai. Shahi was also the engineer of the anti-corruption campaign in taking that class. Repeatedly saying that such incidents were repeated and that someone had not learned the lesson, saying that he had taught the lesson and sought it on social networks.

Minister Bhattarai, who did not give any response to the ship, was angry at activists, adding that he had given rumors while giving a long response on Facebook last night. On the one hand, Minister Bhattarai did not even apologize to the passengers who were taken aback by the VIP rides and the flight delays in the name of VIPs.

Minister Bhattarai was returning by inaugurating the Dolphin Festival, held at Satighat in Kailali. When the minister came to Kathmandu, his response was: ‘Today, I had planned to return to Kathmandu after the last flight of Buddha Air’s Dhangadhi after completing the Dolphin Festival event held in Tikapur in Kailali district. But due to the delay in the program, it is true that there is a delay in returning to Kathmandu from Nepalgunj last flight by requesting Buddha Air.

Our team was boarded in about 5 minutes with all the passengers boarding. In the House of Representatives, I was under pressure to return to Kathmandu as I had a program to answer the question of Hon. At the Nepalgunj Airport, 3-5 persons appeared against me in an aggressive manner.

How much pain have you given us when one of the seven million signatures against Persia was handed over to the court? Where have we forgotten that? Until then. On hearing this I understood their destiny. I thank all the passengers and the wisdom shown by Buddha Air. I apologize for the inconvenience caused by the passengers. ‘

It was his next wrong move. Not only did he slowly lose consciousness, his father told the people that he was a dog. Efforts have been made to repeatedly attack the royal since August 4.

No one has the right to speak in democracy What does it mean for Yogesh Bhattarai’s cadres to remain a spectator when they are beaten?

If such disagreements continue to be voiced in the cover of democracy, the government, which is proud of two-thirds, is sure to last no more than five years. The people have not yet awakened. The day people come to the streets then two-thirds will be lost.

Sadly, the people brought democracy to Nepal. Brought the republic. The CPN-UML has not done anything significant to increase development activities. Corruption is being promoted on a daily basis. Is this government safe if anyone who wants to oppose it is attacked now?

A social engineer has also been banned from doing programs in various districts of the country. For a citizen not to express his feelings is dictatorship. If this government does not upset and try to suppress the voices of opposition, then there may be a storm that will not have the power to stop it.

Because there is a witness history of who led people from where to where. If he does not try to calm this jaundice that started from Minister Bhattarai, then the will of a minister carrying a trust will also be broken.

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