Gopal, who is elderly, is worried now even after

Live alone in a collapsed house. She now wants to leave this world, rather than suffer the pain of being alone in her old age. The offspring have no recourse. A son has married and set his own world. A daughter also got married. The home has a young daughter with a different ability. Which should be supported by this old father. The elderly daughter and daughter have to resort to help when there is no recourse. He was Gopal Sarki when he was 19 years old. The bed where the clay is sealed has been placed underneath. Have a 7 year old daughter. He lives in the new village of Dhurkut municipality of Gulmi for 3 years.

Gopal, who is elderly, is worried now even after the body has stopped supporting him. The three are now single after getting married. The son has not even come to see the age of 7 years. Until 5 years ago, when the son came, he would not give himself even a rupee. Blindfolded, he burns his hands all over cooking. All hands are burned with fire. Neighbors have started to fade as the body decomposes. Neighbors have also grabbed the land. The son is also married and has a grandson. Arwat also found out that he had fed rice.

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