For the first time, the mothers’ afternoon went on,

A mother cares for her children so much that they can find happiness. She grieves for the future of her children. On the other hand, when others go to the fair, the maize, which is given to them for supper, is brought to the poultry and brought home and feed the children. She has not read a single letter, but she still teaches her children to suffer. Due to poor living in the village, she goes to Malaysia for foreign employment. The wife, who is hoping that her husband will send the money and pay the loan in the village, falls into the ear of his wife. All the pain is spent watching the children’s faces, but the same mother is in a position to become a helper when she is young.

The son of a grown up child who is saddened to see himself grow up in a motorcycle accident is now in the care of his mother. The body of the son does not work. In a wheelchair, a mother wanders, feeding and bathing. This story is not written in a movie or a novel. The pain in this video is nothing short of novel.

Another couple like Rupa and Krishna have now gone viral on social media. Bikram Sunar, who had been working in Pokhara for some years, returned from work on a twilight evening when his motorcycle crashed. He was killed in the accident at midnight. She was not heard for 6 months while being treated at Kathmandu Neuro Hospital. But slowly the voice began to ring. But it still doesn’t sound like it was before.

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