The president’s satire after not understanding Deuba’s bid:

Constitution Day is being celebrated on Friday in Nepalese diplomatic missions throughout the country and abroad. During the program organized by Ganesh Man Singh and People’s Movement Martyrs Memorial Foundation on Friday, President Bidhdevi Bhandari gave expression to make the audience laugh. Various party leaders including President Bhandari participated in the program.

At the same time, Speaker of the program laughed when President Bhandari said that he did not understand the speech of the speakers while addressing the Congress President Sher Bahadur Deuba. Deuba had made a statement from the government that there was no public side work. Deuba had accused the government of bringing the bill to justice, not bringing the culprits to legal limits, and not controlling the costly.

President Bhandari Bhandari, who reached out to address after Deuba, said that he would know when he came to the media that he did not understand the speech of any speaker. Then the participants laughed. She said, I did not understand what the speakers had to say if I was deaf or bad of the sound.

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