The doctor said that the stone surgery was a successful one

A woman who had undergone a stone surgery at Om Hospital in Chawhill has died. Anita Gurung, 19, of Gangapamuna Gaupalika, Dhading, died due to Aspal’s serious negligence. Gurung’s doctors, who had gone to the hospital on Friday afternoon with a smile, had undergone surgery to remove the stones on Saturday. The doctor said that the condition was normal and he could not get out for 3 hours. Relatives of the deceased have complained of negligence at the hospital after the death of the patient who was in health after the surgery.

The hospital claimed that the carelessness of the patient was not due to the negligence in the operation but due to a heart attack. The relatives of Gurung, who died due to some heart failure, said that the stone surgery was a successful operation. A few months ago, a woman died in Sindhupalchow while undergoing surgery at Om Hospital.

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