The death toll from the powerful storm has risen to 64

The number of deaths due to a powerful storm called ‘Hagibis’ in Japan / Japan has risen to six. According to information provided by Japan’s National Broadcasting Corporation NHK on Tuesday, the death toll has risen to six and is likely to rise further.

The death toll is likely to increase as search and rescue continues and many people are missing and injured.
Due to the blockade in the power lines from the storm, many areas are being affected, Japanese Industry Minister Jesus Sugawara has confirmed, with 1,000 people without electricity.

According to Sugawara, there are 8,000 houses without electricity in Chivas affected by the storm, while in Nagano province, there are 7,000 powerless.
It is reported that all homes can take up to a week to safely return electricity. According to the Ministry of Health, water supply has been stopped for 1,00,000 homes in thirteen provinces.

The army has also been deployed to search for and rescue the missing persons after the devastating storm. The riverside houses have been submerged due to the dreaded landslides in various places due to the storm and rising water levels. Due to the storm, the World Cup competition of popular rugby in Japan has been obscured.

Three games have been canceled due to the storm, but the match between Japan and Scotland is scheduled to take place at the specified time, the organizer said.
The Haggis storm entered Japan’s Honshu island at 7pm on Saturday. The storm, which has a velocity of more than 5 kilometers per hour, is considered to be the most powerful storm in Japan.

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