Suddenly, the CPI (M) ‘s ranking at the Congress site

Police have arrested Gyan Bahadur Shahi from a press conference organized to inform him of the incident on Saturday evening at Nepalgunj Airport.

Police have taken control of Gyan Bahadur Shahi, who is calling himself an anti-corruption engineer from Lalitpur. There was a clash between the Minister for Culture Tourism and Civil Aviation Yogesh Bhattarai in Nepalgunj in a press conference organized to refute the presentation made by Minister Bhattarai. Police have used force to take control of the situation following a sudden clash between journalists and youtubers and supporters of the royal.

SSP Tek Prasad Rai of the Metropolitan Police Complex, Lalitpur, who was guarding the arrested Shahi, said that a group including Gyanendra Shahi, who described him as the Anti-Corruption Engineer, had abducted Minister Bhattarai on Saturday evening when he boarded the ship.

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