Sharjah International Airport Jobs Immigration In Dubai Apply Online ( 2024 – 2025 )

Sharjah International Airport Jobs Immigration In Dubai Apply Online ( 2023 - 2024 )

Immigration Dubai Sharjah International Airport

Do I require a visa for Dubai?

All visitors need a visa to enter the UAE unless they are from one of these countries, in which case a visa is provided on arrival:

GCC (Gulf Participation Council) Countries.

Sharjah International Airport Jobs Immigration In Dubai Apply Online ( 2023 – 2024 ) Western Europe, The United States And Canada, the Far East, and also Australasia: Relying on which country you are from you need to inspect the visa policies on the General Directorate of Residency & Foreigner Matters site.

Please note: visa regulations go through change. Please constantly confirm with your airline company, the General Directorate of Residency & Foreigner Affairs, and/or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Sharjah International Airport Jobs Immigration In Dubai Apply Online ( 2024 – 2025 )

Obtaining a visa for Dubai

Examine the price and procedure for making an application for a UAE visa with the

Dubai Department of Naturalisation and Residency or call 800 5111 for information.

If a visa is needed, it is best to use it before your arrival in the UAE.

For questions pertaining to visas at the flight terminal, you see the General Directorate of Residency & Immigrant Matters visa office in Incurable 3 arrivals near Entryway 1. The center is open 24 hours a day.

How long does it last

A regular short-term traveler visa lasts thirty days from when you go into the UAE. A lasting last 90 days.

The price of looking for a visa can differ depending on the kind as well as the period of the visa.

Wish to speed things up?
Smart Gates

If you’re a UAE citizen, after that bear in mind to bring your Emirates ID the following time you’re taking a trip through DXB– you’ll be able to rate via key control in a matter of seconds, without paying and also without registering. This is thanks to a major upgrade on our Smart Gates, situated in Arrivals and also Departures across all 3 terminals at DXB.

Even more details concerning Smart Gates
Various other visa actions

Some visitors might also need to complete an eye scan (retina scan) when they reach key control.

Leaving Dubai

Check the visa demands at your last location. Your airline can encourage you. If you do not have the appropriate visa documentation, you may be rejected for travel.

How to get the jobs in Dubai for US citizens?

travelers that call for special support

People with specials needs are known in the United Arab Emirates as ‘Individuals of Resolution’ (SHUCK) as guided by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed container Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice Head Of State as well as Prime Minister of the UAE as well as Leader of Dubai. In accordance with the vision of the UAE management, Dubai Airports is committed to providing specialist support to Shells.

From visual to entrance, Dubai Airports has actually carried out inclusive style across all guest touchpoints as well as facilities, consisting of car parks, elevators, travellators, toilets, petition spaces, lounges, APMs (airport trains), seating, packing bridges, bus transfers, and luggage collection.

The comprehensive style takes into consideration both visible and also non-visible disabilities, with spatial factors to consider for visitors with minimal or restricted flexibility. In addition, flight terminal signage and also wayfinding is designed to aid Hulls to browse conveniently.

Incorporated with the steps implemented by our partners– Dubai Cops, dnata, GDRFA, Dubai Customs, RTA, and DCAS– Dubai International (DXB) and Dubai World Central (DWC) has a complete series of services for travelers with all forms of impairment. Information on the particular facilities consists of the different sub-sections.

Taxi Solution

Dubai Taxi Firm offers specialized taxis for skin consumers, furnished and also created with convenience in mind. Customers ought to follow the indications to a dedicated lane with unique cars that can be differentiated by their size, red roofing, and blue symbols on the side traveler doors and also a back window. Cab drivers are educated and licensed to manage visual as well as physical impairments.

Mobility device Service

Mobility device services are offered by dnata to help departing consumers from the curbside (Terminal 3 only) or check-in counters (Incurable 1 and Terminal 2) until their boarding gateways. Clients can ask for the service when scheduling their tickets or at the dedicated airline company check-in counter. Getting here travelers ought to recognize themselves to the attendants at the arrival entrance if they have actually reserved for help.

dnata’s team is educated and licensed to give support based upon US standards (Air Service provider Accessibility Act) and might make use of equipment such as wheelchairs, leg support, baby belts as well as buggy cars. If a customer requires to check-in their individual wheelchair it will certainly be tagged and a dnata wheelchair will certainly be used for the journey with the flight terminal.

Traveling Organizer

Traveling Organizer is a visual guide that demonstrates the travel journey for guests, specifically for guests with surprise handicaps. This overview enables guests to plan their journey ahead of time, it likewise discusses the rules as well as policies for the guests’ traveling experience as well as gives information of tasks in the airport that matches their needs.

How do you use the guide?

This guide will help make clear a trip to the flight terminal for individuals that may discover taking a trip hard. You will discover information on the various steps of airport travel, and also helpful details on each touchpoint.

Sunflower Lanyard
What is the Sunflower Lanyard?

A distinct lanyard is worn by autistic travelers at the flight terminal to ensure that the team is able to identify them.

Dubai Airport provides lanyards to autistic travelers. The lanyard is a discrete method to allow all flight terminal teams to identify autistic passengers as well as respond suitably to any scenarios that might occur, or simply offer additional support.

Advantages of using the Lanyard:

The lanyards permit access to the family members as well as top priority lanes whatsoever passenger-processing touchpoints both at separations as well as arrivals. The travel experience can be dramatically improved by offering additional information to autistic passengers prior to travel.
An easy aesthetic identifier is an inexpensive and also effective approach helpful personnel recognize as well as sustain autistic passengers.


DPNA is a code for Handicapped Guests with intellectual or developing special needs Needing Help.
A code was introduced by International Air Transportation Association (IATA) in 2008.
Typically used in airline bookings.
Notifies the traveling provider that the traveler needs assistance throughout their traveling.

Discover your transfer desk

Our dedicated transfer work desks provide you with the boarding masquerade for your onward trip.

Find them by:
Complying with the indications
Utilizing our interactive maps
Asking Visitor Experience Ambassadors group
Dubai International (DXB).

Dubai International (DXB) is the world’s busiest airport, composed of three terminals (1,2, and also 3). Incurable 3 consists of 3 routes (A-Gates, B-Gates, and also C-Gates) which are made use of by Emirates Flydubai and also Qantas. Terminal 1 Concourse D (D-Gates) is residence to a number of DXB’s international airlines while Terminal 2 (F Gates) likewise provides access to local and also international flights.

Reaching your gate.

Terminal 1’s D-Gates are obtainable by means of a short journey on an airport train. In Terminal 3, passengers can walk between B-Gates and C-Gates and take a short airport train to A-Gates. If you’re transferring between concourses and terminals please consult with your airline or our ‘May I Help You’ staff when you arrive.

Dubai World Central (DWC).

Dubai’s second airport, DWC, is approximately 40km away from DXB. Your connection may require you to change from DXB to DWC, or vice versa. In this case, you need to clear immigration and collect your baggage before taking a taxi or Dubai Metro to Ibn Battuta station where you will be able to take a dedicated bus to DWC.

Security & customs.

The security check is an essential part of modern air travel. It’s vital to ensure everyone’s safety, but we appreciate it can be a bit time-consuming. Likewise, the customs check is an essential requirement. Here’s what you can do to help things run smoothly.

Security tips.

Put ‘loose’ items– mobile phone, wallet, watch, keys, etc– in your hand baggage.
Keep a laptop where it can be easily reached: you’ll need to place it in a separate security tray at the scan.
If your belt has a metal buckle, or your shoes have heels, take them off and put them in a security tray.
Place liquid containers in a clear, resealable plastic bag, within your hand baggage. Remember each liquid can’t be more than 100ml. Exemptions will be made for: medication, baby milk/foods, and special dietary requirements to be used during your trip.

Hand luggage.

Make sure you are not carrying any prohibited items as hand luggage.


Like all countries, the UAE has rules about what you can and can’t bring with you. Everyone who arrives must pass through Dubai Customs. Some items can result in fines or, in cases such as narcotic drugs, imprisonment. If you are unsure about anything, please declare your goods when you arrive.

Requirements are subject to change and we advise all passengers to visit the Dubai Customs website before they travel.

Sharjah International Airport Jobs Immigration In Dubai Apply Online ( 2024 – 2025 )

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The United Arab Emirates is an incredible country that has become more popular over the years. Explore the Burj Khalifa which stands as a sky-high landmark of Dubai. Check the famous observation deck, the tallest in the world. We know you will have a blast exploring the whole city from high above. Still, if you suffer from vertigo, maybe it’s better to pass this one.

Continue with the Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque. Indulge in its beauty and style. The site has the perfect mixture between modern architecture and ancient design. Check the lavish gold, mosaic tiles, marble, and glasswork. Explore Islamic architecture and learn more about the main religion of the United Arab Emirates. Make sure to be respectful of the rules on the sacred sites as you could end up in trouble if you don’t comply with them.

There is so much more to explore in the United Arab Emirates. We are sure you will have an incredible time on this side of the world. Don’t forget you will need the UAE visa before landing here.

What is a free zone?

A free zone, also known as a free trade zone, is a defined geographical area within each emirate. It may exist as the result of a mutual agreement between several countries to create a customs-free zone in a designated area. No taxes or duties are levied in the free zone making it the key to promoting trade, especially in the import and export of all kinds of goods.

Do I need a visa for Dubai?

All visitors need a visa unless they are from one of these countries:

GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) Countries: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.
Western Europe, North America, and the Far East and Australasia: Depending on which country you are from you need to check the visa rules on the General Directorate of Residency & Foreigner Affairs website.

Please note: visa rules are subject to change. Please always confirm with your airline and/or the Dubai Department of Naturalisation and Residency.

How can I apply for a tourist visa to visit Dubai?

Check the cost and procedure for applying for a UAE visa with the Dubai Department of Naturalisation and Residency website or call 800 5111 local, international +971 4 313 9999 for details.

If a visa is required, you must apply before your arrival in the UAE.

For queries regarding visas at the airport, you may visit the immigration and visa office in Terminal 3 arrivals near Entrance 1. The center is open 24 hours a day.

How long does the visa last?

A typical short-term tourist visa lasts 30 days from when you enter the UAE. A long-term visa lasts 90 days.

The cost of applying for a visa can vary depending on the type and duration.

For queries regarding visas at the airport, you may visit the immigration and visa office in Terminal 3 arrivals near Entrance 1. The center is open 24 hours a day.

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