Pooja Gurung’s diary starts at 7am.

Pooja Gurung’s diary starts at 7am. She has also raised ants in her home. When she woke up at 4am, she donated a donkey to Bangur and reached the vegetable tract of Narayangarh. After selling vegetables all day, she arrives at home again at 9 pm. Pooja drives her car. He has his own car. Vehicles loaded with cars are sold in his Narayangarh Muglin road segment. Locals on the side of the road buy her vegetables. He was known by everyone in Narayangarh Muglin Road segment as he used to sell vegetables in his car.

Before selling vegetables, the profession of worship was domestic liquor production. She has long been producing and selling wines. Later, after the fear and pain of the police administration, she started selling vegetables. ‘Although it was first sold on a bicycle here,’ she said, ‘now I am selling it in the car, it is just fun.’

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