Om Hospital in Chawhill has been

Kathmandu Om Hospital in Chawhill has been in a state of need to close for killing people in the name of treatment. Om Hospital, which is treating the general public at an extremely expensive cost, is killing one man this month in a timely manner. Recently, a woman from Dhading died while undergoing treatment for stones.

This is just one example, as many other patients have to be scared to go into treatment. Despite the common disease, the life-threatening risks of the hospital now raise many questions. Hailing from doctors’ failure to cure sickness, doctors have died due to illness.

There is a practice of treating the victim with a large sum of money after he has been traumatized. The hospital has changed people’s lives with money. The hospital has to pay an expensive fee. The government body has not shown any interest in this.

The ministry and the concerned bodies have also operated in the setting. Due to no action being taken by the negligent hospital, the hospital has been playing games in people’s lives on a daily basis.

The hospital has invested in many others, including Uttab Poudel, father-in-law of Ravi Lamichhane. Even others made small mistakes, but Lamichhane, who was tortured to death, did not even speak to his father-in-law’s hospital after months of killing people. Let’s hope Ravi will one day talk about this.

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