Neighbor brother mocking with uncle’s body

Symptoms of Dengue

– Fever,

– Pain in the eyelids,

– The scabs on the body,

– Don’t eat food,

– Pain in joints and muscles,

– stomach upset,

Dr Pati, who has Dengue’s symptoms, recovers from resting at home for 7 days after consuming the usual symptoms, except in complex cases. But patients who have been diagnosed with Dengue in the area where the Dengue infection is spread, say they should get to the hospital and get a Dengue test.

Dagu’s patient should pay attention to this

– If you have dengue symptoms, do not take prescription drugs and antibiotics,

-Sleep eating,

– Using the hull,


-Do not accumulate water in the environment around the house,

– Find and destroy mosquito larvae,

– To cover drum, gagri or other rented water for domestic purposes or for drinking.

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