Missing daughter for not giving birth to daughter

Rai was not in Nepal when singer Rajesh Payal Rai set fire to his house at Baneshwor in Kathmandu today. She is in the UK for a musical program. The accolades, awards and honors she has received so far in the music sector have been consumed at her home in Kathmandu. Rai, who is known in the UK for burning all his earnings through family members, thanked those who had supported him in difficult circumstances.

She has thanked everyone via social media facebook. She writes in facebook, she could not come home at this time, but still, I have profession and compulsion and organizer still has agreement for 6 months but in this fairy condition my neighbors showed support, Nepal police, fire family. Wish you the best from here. The award may not be burnt, but the blessings you have given me, love the suggestions. I will always rob you

It is unclear how much financial damage the fire caused. Police have picked up the incident. But Rajesh Payal’s valuables have been burnt and destroyed. All the important love signs and honors she received from her singing field have been burned down. The respect of the audience and the audience, which cannot be assessed financially, has all been destroyed by the fire. In this video, everything in the main room of Rye appears to have been burned and destroyed. Rajesh Payal Rai’s history burned ashore and said, Rajesh Hamal, God was wrong …

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