Killing a husband to hide his relationship with a man

In West Nawalparasi, his wife has murdered her husband to hide his illicit relations with men.

Birendra Thapa, Information Officer and Deputy Superintendent of Police at the District Police Office, West Nawalparasi, said that his wife, Ravindra Prasad Pandey, had been killed by his wife, Ravindra Prasad Pandey, a 7-year-old Tara who lives in Ghodpali Adarsh ​​Toll in Ramgram Municipality of Parasi.

According to Thapa, Pandey’s wife Saraswati Pokharel Pandey killed her husband Ravindra Prasad Pandey. According to Police Deputy Superintendent of Police Thapa, Saraswati Pandey had opened an initial investigation into the murder of her husband along with a man who had an immoral relationship.

Police have searched the body of Pandey, who has been in contact since last August, when he was found dead in a septic tank in the toilet of Harisushil Basic School, near the village on Friday.

Police have arrested Pandey’s wife, according to police. Police are continuing to search for others involved in Pandey’s murder.

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