Kamala used to sing since she was young.

Kamala took 3 years of age. He was born in the womb of Nilakantha Municipality, Ward No. 9, from the womb of father Kalyan Ghimire and mother Devaki. At the age of 7, schoolmates used to dance around the house repeatedly. Participating in school competitions is the same as winning some positions. In the village, festivals, weddings and festivals are celebrated by those who enjoy his songs.

No family members are involved in song music. No one sings or enjoys his song. Devki Ghimire, mother of Kamala, who is getting paid for wages and household chores in the morning, said her daughter would complain of sadness and struggle. “Happy to see the progress of the daughter,” he said, extolling tears of joy and said, “God knows the talent of the daughter.”

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