Kamala Ghimire | Prakash Saput

Rupa has thanked all the well-wishers in the country and abroad for helping her husband put his hands on his hands. Rupa and Krishna, who had married inter-caste, had been missing for a few months. Due to the current, Krishna lost his hands and feet. After the video was made public on social media about the situation, there was a surge of financial support from home and abroad. At present, Krishna Oli has returned to Nepal with artificial hands and feet. We are returning to Nepal on Thursday to meet them.

Krishna was stunned when he was able to feed Rupa with his hands. He was on his way out to the International Tribune Airport. He also showed his hand by using an artificial hand. She fed Rupa with sweets, and even gave her a bouquet of flowers. He grabbed the YouTube channel’s mic and put Rupa on a song.

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