How Draupadi celebrated with five Pandavas

Agency. How did Draupadi celebrate with five Pandavas? That’s it! The story of Mahabharata is a little known to everyone! You may even know about the subject of the battle between the five Pandavas and the hundred Kauravas who knew the Mahabharata! You know that in the Mahabharata, Draupadi married the five Pandavas. But how she celebrated honeymoon with five husbands is even more interesting. After reports of Duryodhana killing five brother Pandavas, the frightened Pandavas started living the Brahmin life along with mother Kunti. Thus, the Pandavas used to consume only the weeds that were begged every day.

At the time of King Drupad’s court, there was a time of Swambar of Draupadi, where princes of different countries were present. The king himself had a condition. The one who could look at the pond and shoot with the arrow on the tree’s eye, was determined to marry Dropaddy. According to the king’s previous terms, Draupadi had volunteered to Arjuna. Kutti had asked all the brothers to share with her, without looking at the Pandavas who were hurrying to the stage of Mata Kunti.

The Pandavas who obeyed the orders of their mother did not protest. Frustrated by this, King Drupad consulted with Vyas Rishi. In the previous birth, Dev Dev Mahadev had given a gift from Draupadi’s penance. For five times, Draupadi had said that she should make herself the best man in the world. Mahadev had said the same thing for the fifth time. Similarly, Draupadi has five husbands. But in Hinduism, Mahadev had given the gift to Draupadi, because of the rule that a woman should only marry or cohabit with a man. First of all, elder brother Yudhishthira celebrated the honeymoon, and then Bhima likewise allowed every Pandav to associate with Kumari Draupadi. These things are mentioned in the religious texts. Daupadi is one of the Punch Virgins because Mahadevak is blessed. Even though she has five husbands, she is considered a virgin. Ahilya Draupadi, Kunti, Tara and Mandodari are mentioned in the scriptures as Panchakanya.

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