Gagan Thapa Oli-Prachanda’s ruling party

Nepali Congress leader Gagan Thapa has accused the ruling party of Oli-Prachanda for fear of criticizing the CPN-M. Speaking on the deadly attack on Gyanendra Shahi, the engineer of the Nepali Expedition for Nepal in Chitwan on Saturday, he said that the current government of KP Sharma Oli was showing signs of fascism. Addressing a program organized in Kathmandu on Sunday, leader Thapa said that the government protected the people who attacked the royal and demanded the protection of citizens.

Saying that going out on a daily basis is a serious case of a person, including a royal who consumes freedom of expression, he said, ‘Let’s not look at the person. But the supporters of the government go about their lives day by day over the use of freedom of expression. Thus, after this incident, those who oppose the government may also be targeted. ‘

He alleged that the present government of the citizens who fought with the monarchy for freedom of expression, including the freedom of expression, was intent on taking away all liberties. Leader Gagan Thapa says all citizens should fight together for the government’s anarchy.

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