Finding luck is only pain,

१. Don’t be so upset with yourself that it’s time to talk back and find excuses

२. “Money” and “money” do not last a lifetime, so Bach and Haas are humble, as long as they are not.

३. Swollen jaws are more dangerous than splinters, spoken bruises are healed after treatment, but wounds swallow are healed.

४. Do not forget that I am the only one who could not tolerate the way you treated strangers!

५. Finding luck is only pain, happiness is hard work.

६. The most visible lesions are more severe than the visible lesions.

७. Sometimes you have to laugh when there is pain in your mind. Do you know if others are joking when you are suffering?

८. What to do with the sweetness of speech only when it is dark in mind.

९. A good mind is bigger than a thousand good faces, so in life, always choose a person whose mind is better than face.

१०. It may not be so happy to find a stranger, but losing it after finding that stranger is a lot of pain.

११. It is best to try to understand the truth once you believe in others.

१२. A lot of thought, a lot of crying, a lot of remembering and a lot of waiting and feeling that would be so much better if you hadn’t met you since you were so distressed.By-tajasamachar

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