Dipendra Kandel gave Modi a Hindi heart shake

Public Innovator e. Dipendra Kandel has criticized the release of Lapulek and Kalapani by the Government of Nepal for releasing the statement. Addressing a press conference at the Reporters Club of Nepal on Thursday, Kandel said that the Nepal government had also submitted a complaint on the sensitive issues of the border. He said, “The statement issued by the Nepali government yesterday evening is trying to trick the Nepalese people. This is invalid. India should put out the advertisement in English as it is understood. ‘

He suggested not only the government but also the government officials, political party leaders, ministers, ex-ministers, civil society leaders and borders, whoever spoke about it should speak in a language understood by the Indian government. He said, ‘For the sake of winning the hearts of the Nepalese people, it is not just by writing or speaking on their Facebook and Twitter to become a false nationalist. Directly by the Mansion to the Government of India

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