Diabetes can be detected by yourself

Acne is the most common cause of death worldwide. Heart disease is a deadly disease, but the lack of proper treatment on time is considered to be the major cause of its complications. Due to lack of awareness of diabetes, millions of people suffer premature death due to lack of awareness.

Most people can find out most of the heart disease and its symptoms. Cardiologists also find that they do not have diabetes based on these symptoms.

Diagnosis of heart disease is done with the help of some tests based on symptoms. Deadly heart disease can be identified and treated properly by giving the right advice, not only to those who have general knowledge of these symptoms, but also to those closest to you.

Chest pain, palpitations, shortness of breath, hearing loss, fainting and excess fatigue are the main symptoms of heart disease. But it would be wrong to think that one of the symptoms was heart disease.

After thorough analysis of the symptoms, the general public can also suspect that he has diabetes and can seek medical advice as needed.

Before reviewing the symptoms it is important to find out what are the risks of heart disease in a person.

Information about risk factors (risks) of smoking, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, obesity, excessive alcoholism, mental stress, hereditary (heart disease in the family), age over 3 (male) and over 3 (female) etc. Heart disease is more likely to occur if there is more than one risk.

Although symptoms are common in people with high risk factors, heart disease should be suspected first. In the same way, it is advisable to first suspect other diseases in a person without risk factors.

Chest pain / burning or feeling of pressure is considered a major symptom of heart disease, but these symptoms can also be caused by stomach problems (gastric), muscle / spine pain, lungs, etc.

Heartburn occurs when walking or boiling, and is reduced by relaxation. Coughing, pressing in place of soreness, shaking, breathing do not change the heartbeat and may be due to the exclusion of the heart.

Heart ache is a pain in the middle of the chest or in the greater part of the left side, causing pain in the neck or hands. In the small part of the chest, it is 3 sq cm. If less than the area, it is usually caused by muscle pain, not from the heart.

Heartburn can also sometimes occur in the upper abdomen (gastric space). Chest pain should be accompanied by sweating, shortness of breath, heartburn if you have heartburn. Sw

Causes of autoimmune lungs, obesity, pregnancy, physiological inactivity, anemia of the blood are prominent, but if the heart is weak (heart failure), high blood pressure may result in autism.

Often, sleep apnea may develop or a short walk will result in autism, tiredness, and symptoms of heart disease. Failure to walk according to your age (distance / pace) or intermittent stopping can be a sign of diabetes.

The main causes of heartburn are due to mental stress, lack of blood, obesity, dementia, uncontrolled blood pressure, pregnancy, physical inactivity etc. In this case, working, walking, slowing down and relaxing.

However, due to heart disease, it can occur at any time, usually for a few seconds, as if the heartbeat is stopped or the joints beat or the chest is relaxed or short of breath.

The major causes of hearing loss are obesity, pregnancy, abdominal or seizure, kidney and heart disease. If there is a specific cause, then the foot and stomach and face are heard as well.

Often hypertension drugs also have this, which is considered normal. Heart and kidney examination may be necessary if the foot is accompanied by swelling or other symptoms.

Feeling unconscious or trying to feel unconscious may be due to heart / brain / mental impairment. Even if a healthy person is unconscious, it should be checked once, but since there may be many reasons for anesthetic or heart failure, it is advisable to have an immediate examination and treatment.

Fatigue may be common, but there may be some reasons for excessive tiredness in your daily routine. Vitamin D deficiency, obesity, insomnia can also be a cause of diabetes.

Symptoms may include heart failure, heart failure, congenital diseases and bathing heart disease. If other symptoms appear along with fatigue, it is important to consult.

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