Dengue in Nepal

Similarly, in Gandaki province, the number of patients is already approaching one thousand. Dengue has been found in 100 in Gandaki province.

Dengue infection has been reported in 6 of the states in the state, 9 in the province 1, 19 in the province 5, 2 in the Far West and two in the Karnali state.

More sick in Kathmandu and Chitwan

Kathmandu and Chitwan are the most ill of the 3 districts in the state. Dengue has been found in Kathmandu alone in the wee hours, while in Chitwan, there have been dengue outbreaks in 1,900. Similarly, there are 1 hundred in Makawanpur, two in Lalitpur, two in Bhaktapur, two in Dhading, 1 in Kavre, two in Sindhuli, Nuwakot, two in Dolakha and Ramechhap and 1 in Sindhupalchowk.

Patients arc at Techu Hospital

With the outbreak of dengue outbreak in Kathmandu, the number of patients has increased at Shukraj Raj Tropical and Infectious Diseases Hospital in Teku. The hospital also operates separate dengue testing and counseling rooms targeting Dengue patients.

Rupnarayan Khatiwada, information officer of the hospital, said that about 500 patients are being brought to the hospital daily for fever due to dengue. More than half of them have been found to have dengue.

Treatment of dengue to the doctor, treatment of the patient by swinging

Dengue patients, including doctors, health workers and other staff at the hospital, have been affected by the increase in Dengue patients’ pressure at Shukraj Raj Hospital. According to the hospital’s information officer, Rupnarayan Khatiwada, only four staff members have been diagnosed with Dengue in the district.

“The hospital’s doctors, office assistants and HAs also had dengue,” Khatiwada said, adding that “six employees have returned to hospital work while Dengue is recovering and 1 is on leave.”

The hospital premises is also providing medical care to patients who have been admitted to the hospital because of the mosquito bites and the risk of dengue transmission.

The hospital has targeted seven dengue patients, targeting the dengue patients. Only five Dengue patients are admitted and treated on Wednesday. Dengue beds have been used in all shades.

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