Basudev Joshi of Baitadi was only 25 years old.

Basudev Joshi of Baitadi was only 25 years old. Basudev, who was driving a car in India at an early age to raise an elderly father and pay his family debt after his mother died at a young age, had a truck accident in India two years ago. He was carrying ice cream, the truck suddenly fell 500 meters down the road. After 6 months, Basudev came to his senses. He was in the village when the lust came. When the Indian company found out that he was a Nepalese, he had treated Nepal in half, without healing. It was as if he had lost both his legs in the crash. He has legs but he has not been able to get up and walk for more than 6 years. Basudev has come to Kathmandu to see if he is being treated. He has been living in a rented room in Kirtipur for the past six months. Her decades have turned yellow. The old father spent decades crying at home, where his son lived. The doctor said that the foot will be cured if he spends Rs. 1 lakh, but he has no money to treat his family.

Meanwhile Shishir Bhandari arrives in his room and captures the video. Dilendra Joshi, who came to Japan to help him, helped him for Rs. The media has garnered more than 1 lakh support after her video and now it has to raise more than 1 million treatment costs. Basudev tried to save his life many times. Tried to eat the medicine but could not. To help –
Kumari Bank Limited
Dillashani Branch, Baitadi

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