Arjun Chhetri and Kamala Ghimire

Kathmandu. Arjun Chhetri and Kamala Ghimire are the two most popular people of the past. Of these, Kamala became so viral that every one of her videos made new records in the history of Nepali social media. He repeatedly sang Raju Pariyaras and became one of the most watched and long-lasting videos in the history of the rainbow channel, and is still in re-trending Nepal.

In the meantime, today we have reached out to the well-known young astrologer Arjun Chhetrico and asked what the future of this 3-year-old child is. Gradually, Arjun has said that his future is not very good. But his fate is still going to be even worse after 90 years, and with the information he has revealed such a horrible thing about Kamala, let’s see what happens now.

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