A snake that looks like the best and most dangerous in the world

The snake is considered sacred in Nepali Hindu and Buddhist traditions. Every year, on the day of Nagp Panchami, the special worship of the serpent is performed.

Lord Vishnu Sheshnag has a legend on sleeping in bed and wearing a nagma by Lord Shiva. Also in the Puranas, the story of Vasuki Naga’s leadership as the sea churns.

Modern scientists point out that snakes have a special significance in nature.

In this regard, biologist Karan Bahadur Shah told BBC correspondent Phanindra Dahal about how the snake is useful and important to humankind.

6 species in Nepal
There are more than five thousand species of snakes worldwide.

So far 6 species of snakes have been found in Nepal. But with enough studies, the species of snakes found in Nepal can reach about one hundred and fifty.

Snakes play an important role in balancing the environmental cycle.

And important drugs that save people are also poisoned by snakes.

Dietary balance
Because of the serpent, nature has its benefits, that is to the benefit of man.

There are no vegetarian snakes yet. They eat and kill other organisms alive.

Snakes play a role in reducing the number of organisms that are more in nature.

For example, peanuts that destroy man-made grain or large quantities of grain stored in the home or fruit.

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