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Description for Sales job in Dubai

If you are interested in customer service and looking for the sales job in Dubai then here goes the article for you with the related information about the sales job. Going through it we ensure that you will be able to learn about the sales job in Dubai.

Since, the country is well developed in almost all business sectors there is high chance of getting jobs. Every single day brings a new challenge to the employers in Dubai. They need to meet up with these challenges and find a way to fulfill the business goal. Moreover, the business entrepreneurs are always searching for the skilled candidate. They announce number of vacancies for the potential candidates and hire them if they match with the job described.

Similarly, sales job is flourishing in Dubai. There are lots of companies producing their product. They produce new products with the support of technology. These products need to satisfy the wants and desire of the customers. Hence, for carrying out the sales activities of the company’s product the recruiters hire the manpower. Various job openings with the list of job post and its detail is announced by the companies. If you want to work as a sales person then you can choose Dubai at the top of your listing.

Furthermore, the employees also get benefits by working as sales personnel. Sales job is business to customer approach. Hence, customers are valued more and they are the first priority for such companies. The companies are more concerned about the customer’s need and choice. Therefore, the products are designed as per the customer’s preference in order to compete in the tough business market.

Duties and Responsibilities of Sales job in Dubai

Well every job is designed with certain duties and responsibilities. Sales job also consists of its own role and responsibility towards the organization and their clients. As sales is related with serving products to the customers a sales person needs to make efforts to provide satisfaction to the potential clients. You will need to serve the clients by selling products and services. It is necessary to identify the potential customers and deal with the existing one. You are also responsible for submitting the orders along with the price list and provide daily sales report to the management.

Moreover, if you are a sales representative then you need to monitor the current market status. You will have to gather the information regarding the product, service, new product, design and packaging of the product, etc. In addition to it, you have to resolve the customer’s complaints and deliver the records to the management. Thus, you are required to supply both old and new records so that it will assist the manager for taking right decision and take essential actions too.

Requirements and skills

To get the job an individual need to have certain skills required to perform the job effectively. You will need to fulfill the job description to be employed. Talking about the requirements of a sales person, you need to complete BA/BS degree in marketing, sales or other related field. If you have an experience in sales then it will be your plus point. You should be familiar with the office works and phone systems.

As the job concerns more about the clients you must have great customer service skills. Moreover, you will have to be self-motivated and time management skills. You should have deep knowledge of the products so that you can explain it to the customers. Likewise, you need to have determination for meeting the company’s goals and maintaining strong relation with the customers. You should also be skilled in presentation of the products. Therefore, to become a good sales person you need to show positive attitude and handle all the situations with patience.

Reasons to choose a career in sales

Since, an employee makes a decision to choose a career there will be certain reason behind it. The reason may be the benefits or preference of the applicants. They select a career in order to build their future and enhance their living standard. Hence, you need to do proper research and get your career grow in the right direction.

Some reasons to choose a career in sales has been listed below:

Performance based career

A sale is a performance based career where you will earn more with the increase in the selling. It means you will need to sell more in order to get more bonus. The employer monitors the work of the employee on the basis of their performance in the market. You will get promoted if you will be able to target more customers.


Meet new faces

Working as a sales person will help you to deal with the new faces. You will get a chance to meet different customers daily. This will lead you to connect with them and enhance your communication skills. Hence, you will have to handle different personality with different choices.


Proper work life balance

If you work as a salesperson then you will be able to make your personal and professional life balance. You can maintain friendly and positive relation with the customers and also invite them for a lunch after the meeting. This will build your trust upon them and let the relation go longer too.


Rise to fresh challenges

As a sales person needs to deal with different clients on daily basis they are always moving with the challenge. You need to accept the market trend and move accordingly. So, you will also have to find the new trends emerging in the market regarding the product’s quality, brand, loyalty, etc. This will assist in competing with the competitors in the market.


Practice self-discipline and motivation

Dealing with the customers will allow to be a self-discipline individual. You will need to search the new ways to file the client’s portfolio and take every negative feedback positively. This will create a feeling of motivation and encouragement for improving your products quality and features.


Benefits of Sales job in Dubai

The employee applies for a job in order to get the benefit from the employer. There are various benefits provided by the company to their employees.  Hence, such benefits are provided to encourage and motivate the employees for further employment or to increase their work performance.

Some of the benefits of sales job include:

  • Insurance facility

The employees are encouraged through the facilities provided by the company. Similarly, a sales person also gets some benefits and the first one is insurance facility. You will get the free health checkups due to which you don’t have to take stress regarding your health. Since, the health service is very expensive in foreign land this benefit recovers the health requirements of the employees.


  • Flexible working hours and vacation time

An employee gets more motivated when they get flexibility in their working hours. As an employee you will value that job which helps you to make work life balance. You will be facilitated with the vacation time as per the company’s rule. Moreover, you will also gain an opportunity to spend more time with your family and balance both personal and professional life.


  • Student loan and tuition assistance

Some of the employers also provide student loan to their employees. Because of the high expense in study it becomes difficult for the student employee to manage their income. So, the employers benefit them with some certain amount as their study loan or assistance for their tuition.


  • Paid parental leave

Being a sales person in Dubai permits you to enjoy the parental leave especially for women. You will need to manage your kids and family. Hence, considering it the employers provide the facility of paid parental leave to their employees and encourage them to continue the company.


  • Food facility

There is also the benefit of free food to the employees. You will get the facility of food from the company itself. Moreover, you don’t need to pay extra charges for your food. You will gain the benefit from the company.


  • Free tax income

The employees get attract to Dubai because of this benefit. The workers do not have to pay tax to the government. You will receive whatever you have earned. This will help you to save some amount for the future purpose and solve the financial problems.


Sample cover letter for Sales job

Applicant’s Name

Professional Title

Phone number

Email Address

Today’s Date

Hiring Manager’s Name

Professional Title

Company’s Name


Dear Manager’s Name,

With reference to the advertisement published in your company’s website I felt compelled to send along my resume for your consideration. As a self-motivated sales person with over 2 years of experience in retail sales, customer service and competence in high volume purchasing, I am sure that I would be a valuable assets for your company.

Throughout my short career, I have experienced in organizing inventory and stock levels, assisting customers for selection and sale of product, responding their queries and taking feedback from the clients for further improvements. With my Bachelor in Science in Marketing and inner motivation I am able to analyze the needs of the customers and effective sales strategies for attracting the targeted customers.

Moreover, I had also overcome with the challenging and stressful situations raised during the course of work. I had built up my communication skills as well as skilled technically. Aside from the fact with my proven experience in building customer relationships and gaining their trust, I am ready to enhance my record of service in your company.

I welcome the opportunity to discuss this position and my skills with you further. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your consideration.


Name of the applicant

Phone number

Email Address

Common Questions asked for the interview of sales job

Generally, the interviewer may ask various questions to the interviewee during interview. But we have listed some of the common questions usually asked while taking the interview of sales job. It will be helpful for you if you prepare yourself getting the answers of the listed questions.

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • Can you give a brief description about your sales experience?
  • Why do you prefer sales as a career?
  • What did you learn from your sales experience?
  • Do you have any stressful situation as a sales person?
  • How do you deal with the complaining customers?
  • What is your strength and weakness?
  • Why should we hire you?
  • What is the reason for leaving your current job?
  • Have you achieved any rewards as a salesperson?
  • How do you balance your personal and professional life?
  • Are you a self-motivator?
  • Do you have any questions for us?

Therefore, you can practice these questions before going for an interview. This will assist you to face the interviewer with confident and answer in an appropriate manner.

Conclusion for sales job in Dubai

In conclusion, we can conclude that you can have various opportunities as a salesperson in Dubai. Since, the job is related with serving the customers you need to have friendly and positive attitude. You will be able to earn more with the increase in the sale of product. It means that you can get more money or commission as per the sale you had done. Daily interaction with new people also develops your communication skills as well as you can grow tour career in this field by knowing various personality.

Hence, being a sales person your duty is to make your clients happy and satisfied with the sale of products. You should understand and know their choice so that you can present the product as per their choice. Similarly, you will need to attract the customers and enhance their willingness to buy the product. This also increases your presentation skills and supports you to be a good sales person. In addition to it, you will have to maintain daily operation record for the management and assist them to take future decisions.

Thus, to upgrade your career in sales you should have these skills and qualities. It will support you to be an ideal candidate and you can attain the goal of your life.

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