Accountant jobs in Dubai With Visa Sponsorship 2024

Accountant jobs in Dubai

Description of Accountant jobs in Dubai

Accountant jobs in Dubai With Visa Sponsorship 2024. Are you skilled in accounting activities? Do you know how to manage all accounting transactions? Then it’s the right time to show you as a potential accountant and apply for accountant jobs in Dubai. We are here with the article that will provide all details about accountant and the jobs in Dubai.

Since, every job has its duties and responsibilities you will need to consider it and perform them properly. You need to complete all the tasks given by the manager. As we know, job is the work done for the particular position on daily basis. An individual is paid for doing the specific job. Some jobs require high experience whereas other may allow fresher. If you are applying for the job then firstly you will need to learn the job description. When you will go through it you will know what qualities and skills are required for the job.

Similarly, if the job asks for work history then you will need to apply for fresher job in case you don’t have any experience. Talking about an accountant job, it is the job in which you have to arrange all the accounting transactions of the company. You should be able to perform the task accurately and on time. Moreover, Dubai offers number of jobs for the people skilled in accounting. If you are also an expertise in the field then it’s the better place for you work and develop your work career. Dubai consists of different companies where accounting officers are required. In order to get the account job in Dubai you need to gain the job information and appeal as per the occupation requirements. Accountant jobs in Dubai With Visa Sponsorship 2024

Accountant jobs in Dubai With Visa Sponsorship 2024

So, if you want to be an accountant and prove your skills then Dubai has lots of opportunities.

Duties and Responsibilities of an Accountant

Since, each job is scheduled with some certain duties and responsibilities, as an accountant you should be able to record every transactions in correct manner. You are responsible to complete each and every journal of the organization. It is very important to keep all the dealings in right form. so that you will be capable to provide it to the manager whenever asked. An accountant should maintain the security of the business documents as they are significant for the company.

Furthermore, you will need to file the documents properly and protect the important files. You are required to support your manager and deliver needed assistance. You should be capable of auditing the financial transactions and documents. Managing balance sheets and making sure of timely bank payments also comes under the duty of an accountant. Since, the job is related with the finance you need to handle it with more concern. You will have to supply the recent financial condition of the business. This will help the finance manager to take necessary steps for the improvements.

For measuring the financial status of the company proper data are needed. As a result, the account officer collects data from the relevant sources and updates it in the system. You will have to suggest required suggestions to the company so that the company’s financial status can remain constant. The accountant needs to prepare for the payments by confirming the documents and also request for disposal. Being an accountant you need to be up to date about the company’s profit and loss history. This will assist the manager for taking right directions in future.

In addition to it, you should have ability to deal and meet with the clients as well as discuss financial topics with them.

Requirements and skills of an accountant

In order to carry out the given duty a candidate need to have specific skills and qualities. This will support them to do the job effectively. The company hires and recruits such applicants who are acceptable and capable for the related job. While hiring the applicants they look for the particular skills so that they can contribute more efficiently. An organization pays definite amount for their service. Also increase their pay by observing their work performance. Hence, if you are interested to be an accountant you must have the abilities needed for the job.

The most essential requirement for being an accountant is to have work experience. But you don’t need to worry if you are a fresher. You can find many companies searching for the fresh graduates. You can get trained there and also be an employee. After that, you will require to have educational certifications. These are your back support for gaining the job.  You will require doing Bachelor’s in Finance, Accounting or other field. Moreover, you should have technical knowledge in Microsoft such as Excel, Vlookups and pivot tables. For doing accounting settlements you will have to be familiar with the accounting regulations and process.

For the smooth functioning of the business operation the day to day activities need to be performed before the deadlines. Hence, the account team should be responsible to analyze the business problems and manage it as soon as possible. Similarly, working in a team enhances their work efficiency and assign the job faster. Self-motivation is also one of the skills that help to motivate and encourage the members for performing well. In fact additional credentials will be plus point to win an opportunity.

Therefore, to become an accountant and work in Dubai’s multinational companies you must possess these qualities and qualifications.

How to apply for accountant jobs in Dubai?

The land of opportunity Dubai creates various platforms for the potential candidates. Due to its development in business sectors the established companies are always in search of potential manpower. They aim to build up the economy of the state hence welcome applicants from various nations. The applicants can work and live in the luxurious country as well as enhance their living standard.

The prime reason for selecting Dubai as a better workplace is tax free income. The employee doesn’t need to pay tax to the government. They earn and receive whatever the pay scale declared by the employers. The next reason may be the extra benefits served by the companies. Most of the employers grant the benefit of free apartment, transport and food to their employees. Moreover, they also pay gratuity thanking the workers for their service in the company.

Let’s talk about the process of applying for the accountant jobs in Dubai. If you are preparing to apply for an accountant jobs in Dubai then firstly you need to find the hiring managers. For this, you can go to the online job sites of Dubai. You will find numbers of sites where you can find the job vacancies and meet with the recruiters. Similarly, you can also make your job profile in the websites such as Dubizzle,, LinkedIn, etc. so that the hiring manager can notice your ability and get in contact with you.

Furthermore, you need to increase your networks with the recruiters or agencies. This will support you to know about the company and the recruiters. Hence, you will have to contact the manager through the mails or directly by phone. You will receive an offer letter if you are selected by the company. So, you need to take these steps to get the job.

Example of cover letter of an accountant jobs in Dubai

Name of the applicant




Dear Hiring Manager,

I am writing to present myself as a potential candidate for the post of an accountant in your company. With the reference of the advertisement about the job vacancy in your company’s website I express my interest and like to apply for the post published.

With more than 5 years of experience in accounting field, I am skillful in accounting activities. I believe the job description meet up with my skills. In my past experience, I was capable in budget forecasting, implementing financial policies and analyzing financial reports. I was responsible for maintaining multiple ledgers within Quickbooks as well as compiled financial statements for providing it to the auditor.

In addition to my experience and qualities, I have completed my degree in Finance and Accounting from ABC University. I am an enthusiastic and a people-oriented person who is able to work with diverse team and develop excellent communication skills. I have a solid educational foundation and believe to make a valuable addition to your organization.

Please review my attached documents for additional details. I look forward to meeting with you. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Name of the applicant

How to prepare for an accounting interview?

An interview is the last phase of the recruitment process. Hence, it is important to prove your abilities. You should face the recruiters confidently. It is obvious that the interviewee will have so many questions in their mind before the interview. They may be thinking about the kinds of questions which will be asked by the interviewer. The applicant may lose their confidence too. Therefore, we have made some useful tips to prepare for an accounting interview that goes like this:

Learn your ‘Why’

During the interview, the interviewer will ask you about the reason of becoming an accountant. You should prepare well and give the answer for choosing the career. Connect your answer with your hobbies, interest and objectives that led you to choose the accounting field.


Prepare on the basics

You should prepare for the basic and common questions and go for an interview. The interviewer will ask you such questions in order to examine your knowledge. You need to know the common questions. Therefore, it is vital to make your answers beforehand and answer with confidence.


Make stories

The interviewer may ask you to tell about the incidents or the stressful situations that you had experienced. This helps the asker to learn about your communication skills and problem solving capacity. It presents that you can work under pressure. So, make prior stories so that you don’t have to be awkward to answer it.


Reach early

Since, the interviewer might be noticing your activities you need to prove yourself and arrive early to your destiny. This shows your punctuality and concern regarding the job. So, get early to the spot and create your first impression with the recruiters.


Be specific

You need to give specific answer to the question asked. Also try to deliver the examples of the works you had completed. It allows the questionnaire to know more about your skills and expertise.


Present your value

The interviewer may ask you why they should hire you. For answering this question, you need to focus on your skills and qualities. Give more emphasize on your skills and experience. You can show your value and give the reason for hiring you.


Do research of the company

It provides you with plus point if you do the research of the company before facing the interview. This  shows your interest towards the job. It also makes you more specific.


Research your field

There is a high chance of asking the questions related to your field. So, you need to keep yourself up to date with the recent financial conditions. You can go through the sites and get the details of the current happenings in the related sectors.

Ask questions to the interviewer

It shows that you are detail oriented and thoughtful. Facing an interview is an opportunity for you to know your employer. It also determines that you are keen to work with the company.


Be confident

Since, a successful interview can lead you to gain the job you should be confident while giving the answers. Show your confidence and converse with the recruiter freely so that you can open up the chance to get employed in the company.

Conclusion for an accounting jobs in Dubai

In summary, we can conclude that you will need to fulfill the essential requirements asked by the job to be success. The major reason for getting an opportunity is proper search including prior preparation for an interview. To fulfill your dream you should have the desire to obtain it. You can get success only after the right moves. Hence, you should find the good employers for the job. If you really wish to build your career then make some efforts. So, if you look up for an accountant position in Dubai. You can find several openings but just you need to be more serious and follow the useful tips.


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