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rabhi lamichhane nirdos

Tourist activity has increased in Nira Gautam, Rupandehi, Province no. With the introduction of various tourism schemes by the union and the state government, the tourism activities have increased here with Lumbini at the center. Along with the tourist activity, the number of tourists has increased in important destinations of the province. Various activities have been started for the preparation of Nepal Tour Year 1 along with the Lumbini tour year 1 organized by the state government. Every month, the state government has been conducting programs like lamp lighting, exhibition of cultural tours, and Buddhist destinations in order to make Lumbini tour year a success, with a target of bringing in 100,000 visitors to Lumbini. In addition, the state government has called for a full moon celebration in Lumbini, Tilaurakot, Devdah and Ramgram every evening.

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