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Declaration to deport immigrants living in India illegally,


New Delhi: India’s Home Minister and leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party, Amit Shah, has warned of deportation of immigrants living illegally.

At a program, he said that foreigners living in India illegally will be expelled from the country. Citing the context of the laws of the country including England, the Netherlands, the United States, this would not be possible in India.

He also said that all citizens should be registered. Shah said this while the issue of implementation of ‘National Register for Citizens (NRC)’ in India is ongoing. In Assam recently there was a dispute over the implementation of such a system, saying that citizens were missing.

Shah also stressed on the implementation of NRC. There have been comments that immigrants from Bangladesh, Pakistan and other countries have come to India to target illegal immigrants.

Such declaration by the Shah is likely to upset the citizens of neighboring countries, including those living in India. Especially for the citizens of neighboring countries who have been living and doing business in India for a long time, such a rule could be a comment. Annapurna Post

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